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An Angel Becomes The Devil

By Michael Galimi Photos by Team Race Pages   “I want to thank the NMRA for making me take a perfectly nice street car and turning it into a badass racecar!” That was the message Richard Lelsz of Strictly Performance left on our voicemail as he announced his intentions to compete in … (See More)


Front lighting harness for Fox Mustangs

  Fast becoming the experts in Fox Body Mustang wiring, Ron Francis Wiring continues to expand on their collection of kits and harnesses for these iconic pony cars, which for any Fox body enthusiast, is a godsend, as the junkyards are drying up, and what is left is often borderline … (See More)


Torque Box Blues

Written by Steve Baur Photography by the Author and Wild Rides Race Cars   We all love our late-model Mustangs, but as we modify them for greater performance and use them at places (like the drag strip) that are beyond the intent of their design, flaws begin to emerge. One area that … (See More)


Hot Rod Math

When you are putting together a fuel system for your racecar or streetcar, picking the right parts can seem like a daunting task, especially with the lines between the two so blurred these days. We aren’t going to tell you how to build a fuel system, as the experts we talked to from Weldon and … (See More)


Rebuildable Ball Joints from QA1

    QA1’s Ultimate Ball Joints are now offered with additional stud length options and are available pre-assembled. These ball joints and extended length studs were awarded runner-up in the Performance Racing Product group at the 2013 SEMA Show in November. Available in popular … (See More)


New Sportsman Vacuum Pump from GZ Motorsports

  GZ Motorsports recently announced the development and manufacture of their brand new Sportsman vacuum pump (VP102). This brand new pump is patterned after their Super Pro vacuum pump, but with a shorter case while maintaining or exceeding the performance level of their original pump. … (See More)